Friday, 15 March 2013

Reputation... two sides to the story

Justin Bieber recently came to the UK and caused quite a stir. but has his reputation remained in tact from the incidents.
Day 1 - He was 2 hours late on for his first show at the o2 arena
Day 2 - He falls ill on stage and goes off stage.
Day 3 - Altercation with the press (video below) and cancels an interview

Then has the cheek to say he does not deserve all this "negative press"and will "not return to the UK". So how is his reputation? I know my view of Justin Bieber has deteriorated and what will it take to recover his image.
Crisis Management? This might take a long time for the recovery of Justin Bieber.
What is Justin Bieber's take on the situation?
 The press have certainly had a great time whilst he has been in the country.

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